• Spacebar   : Push Yourself
  • WASD or Arrows  : Choose a direction
  • R  : Reset Level

You may haven taken one too many of those delicious muffins.

Now you are stranded in mental space and need to regain your grasp on reality.

Created using Unity

Music and Sound Design by Scott Cooper

Code, Art and Game Design by Petersome


Spaced Out 28 MB
Spaced Out Mac 28 MB


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I'm in love with the opening. Enjoyable!


Good shit!!


Good game! Love the way of moving, and the varied levels really add to the overall aesthetic.The cut-scene at the beginning was great and really added to the atmosphere of the game. Overall a good way to pass the time!


This is a fun and interesting concept. I enjoy the gameplay a lot, the movement is satisfying for me. Unique choice for art. The music is very good, and I like the way you bent the theme of the game jam to create this game. Good job