Gamer Santa Claus is jamming Christmas this year. In this game you will help Santa and the elves by building magic machines which check wishlists, build toys and wrap up gifts.
This game was made for the Extra Credits Game Jam 2018. Happy Holidays!

Team Participants: -  Artwork and Animation  -  Programming  (Ariel Kim) -  Music and SFX

Install instructions

Download Zip, unpack it and run Santa's Jam.exe


Santa's 17 MB


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This is a fun game. However, I ran into a bug: While Santa is glowing blue (& fixing  a machine), you can click a broken machine (the one Santa is fixing, or any other broken machine) & lose 5 wishes. I... spammed the mouse button on one machine, hoping to fix it. My wish wasn't granted.

Bugs & jokes aside, the sprites look neat. Santa's run animation is also hilarious.

Thanks, KevinWhy, I really apreciate the feedback. I just tested it and you're right. We'll need more elves crunching to fix this bug. hahah